Sample Artwork

Wall-sized Tree Goddess with copper grounding wires.

Tree Goddess

Approximately 3.5 feet wide by 4.5 tall (excluding copper wires). Leaves, branches, and roots are embossed aluminum. Head and torso and flame-painted copper. Copper wires extend to the baseboard of the house, grounding the piece.

Wall-sized Tree Goddess with copper grounding wires.
Copper Buddha with Flower

Copper Buddha

Embossed copper, 5 inches wide by 7 inches tall.

Copper Buddha with Flower

"'Take chances, make mistakes, get messy!'
And make art!"

~Miss Frizzle added to by Morgan

My Story

Shortly after the pandemic hit my mother passed away during the lockdowns. Walking in the mornings, listening to the birds, and simply being outside helped me process her passing. Writing, which had long been my creative outlet and way of processing, had stopped. My words were frozen.

One morning as I was on the edge of the property line I started looking at one of the old fence posts. I thought that maybe I could make a shaman sculpture out of it. Shortly after my first fence post shaman was born - Copper Shaman.

That seemed to unlock my creativity and I started exploring other areas including metal embossing, painting furniture, and rearranging rooms. I started sharing my creations with a handful of people. To my surprise, they encouraged me to think about sharing it with the wider world consider selling it!

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